First Friday- Worship Under the Stars

ALL are welcome to join us in Worship and Prayer 7 p.m.


This is the newest addition to Rugged Cross. We have mentors who have stepped up to take kids from the foster system, orphans, and kids at risk hunting and fishing. Mentoring them all along the way, from safety with bows to taking them out for their first hunt. This is a wonderful way for the kids to "hear" God's still small voice and experience nature at it's best. Nothing like taking a kid to catch their first fish or take their first game animal !


We invite military, law enforcement, and first responder families out to enjoy the ranch.

This is a wonderful time to show appreciation for those families that voluntarily serve our country.


This is done on Christmas Day to bless the kids with a traditional Christmas on the ranch. The kids come and spend the day with ranch families and we have a GREAT time, Santa makes a delivery of gifts riding in on either a horse or the Haywagon. The kids get to play games, sing, watch a movie,play with the animals, and ride the horses. It truly brings the meaning of Christmas to a reality.


This is when the kids from local foster homes, orphanages, and Safe Families Tampa Bay come out and get to experience life on the ranch. They get to play with the small animals, ride the horses, learn to rope, watch horses get their feet trimmed, and just be kids. We set up stations for them to be busy. This is such a HUGE blessing for us to do for these kids and it blesses us to see them smile !

We teach them how to care for others first by teaching them how to care for the animals.

***Redemption Ranch***